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About Women Who Hustle

Women Who Hustle was created on April 7, 2015 when creator Candice Nicole made a post on Instagram and randomly decided to use the hash tag #WomenWhoHustle. The hash tag was speaking to her and she decided “This needs to be a movement!”. Within hours the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page were operating and the new initiative has been building buzz ever since!

The mission of Women Who Hustle is to emPOWER women, to encourage women to keep their heads held high, to inspire women and to celebrate being a woman who hustles everyday with that smile on her face. Under the brand of Women Who Hustle there will several initiatives.

Some are as follows:

+ Women Who Hustle WORKOUT!
+ Women Who Hustle COOK!
+ Women Who Hustle Finance Workshops
+ Women Who Hustle Pamper Me Day

Women Who Hustle also currently issues a weekly newsletter that is issued every Friday at 9 AM EST that features women events, events curated by women, inspiration & women related articles.


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For more info or if you are having an event for #WOMEN, email:

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cir-candiAbout the Creator, Candice Nicole

Candice Nicole is an Entertainment & Lifestyle Publicist. She proudly owns eight year old boutique PR firm Candice Nicole Public Relations. She has worked with some of top talent in the movie and music industries and has produced/curated various events in the Washington, DC area.

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